17 July 2011

Some stuff from the attic...

Hey Guys,

Some images from our internal test builds. Playing with image effects and stuff, nothing terribly fancy or polished.

And one more from an NPC mesh test build.

We are working hard on this thing and will have more to show soon. I'll be back with more stuff at the end of summer.

- Alex


  1. :((

    в другой раз чувак...

  2. Hi Alex, I'm Franky, your 3D modeler (freelancer), I've sent you 3 emails and you never reply it, I already prepared my schedule for your project since 1 week ago, you promise me to send the character concept design yesterday (Monday), but I never receive anything from you until now, is that project and our contract is a joke or fake? I want your explanation here, I'm not taking any other commission because of your project you know, so, reply my email, I want to know the truth about the trading card game project, is our contract still valid? Thanks.

  3. Freelancers never get any explanations dude :) U don`t be ridiculous in here :))

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    Thanks a lot