16 May 2010

a step forward...so to speak.

Hi Guys,

It's been quite a while since we last updated this thing. There are various excuses for that but I'm fairly certain you heard them all before. But it's not all bad :), we did make quite a few steps forward and so did our old friend Chester (why we called the guy Chester is beyond me).

Here is a little video of our first attempts at making our character walk about.

The animation system is still in development and most of what you see is just a hack to hold all the relevant scripts from falling apart. It's still cool to see the dude walk around though.
There are a few other bits in development and we hope to have those done soon so with any luck we should have a significantly better version of this thing by the end of the month.

A few other interesting things happened recently, the most exiting of which is the fact that by the looks of things Piotr Koczewski will be the man behind Postworld's sound track.
We are all extremely excited about this, Piotr has been wandering the wasteland for quite a while so you probably seen (or heard rather :)) his work in other titles.

All in all an up and down month as per usual but it's all good fun.
We'll see you guys again soon.

Project Lead


  1. Hello Alex. I'm just dropping by to tell you I sent an email to your contact address. I hope you don't miss it :)

    The best,
    Tiago "Morbus" Sá

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  3. This is amazing! You guys really rock!
    Hope you won't give up with this, I really look forward to try some tech demo =)

    Don't you mind me to translate you blog into Russian (there were a lot of Fallout fans on my now closed postnuclear-themed forum)?

    Can i help you by something? I'm html/css maker-up (don't know the right word) and php/mysql programmer.

    P.S. Pardon for my poor English, i'm from Moscow.

  4. Hey Serious,

    For a guy from Moscow your English is just fine. I mean mine isn't that much better...and I'm from Moscow too. Small world isn't it :)

    Project Lead