21 March 2010

Camera Basics

Hi Guys,

It's been a while since our last update, but I'm sure you weren't that anxious to see more lame-ass screens of a half baked demo map. So, this time we prepared a lame-ass vid :) . Ok it's not that bad.

That's our internal test map that we use to debug scripts and build tileset prefabs and whatnot. Since Ain is busy with personal stuff the map is a bit of a dump at the moment.

Besides the models you can obviously see pretty much all of the camera related scripts in action. There are still a few optimizations and additions pending as far as the camera is concerned but overall this is a more or less finished component that will most likely stay like this until the tech demo is released.

Here is a quick overview of major camera functionality (some of which you can see in the video) :
  • Edge scrolling
  • Key scrolling (pending)
  • Mouse wheel rotation
  • Key rotation (pending)
  • Center camera on player on key press
  • Smooth scroll (pending)
  • Smooth rotation

That's all I could show today. Hopefully next time I'll have something more exciting to show you :)

Project Lead


  1. Really cool! Finally starting to look like a real game ;)

    Love the use of the original cursor icons. Though, obviously, they're not going to stay.

    Judging by the room layout and prop design, it seems like you guys are keeping a pretty parallel line with the a originals. Which is good, but I hope you're also planning on packing a lot more detail in terms of geometry. The originals, even with 2D environments, felt pretty empty at times.

  2. Hey Toast,

    The damn thing looks better and better every time doesn't it :)

    The cursors will get a bit of a face lift, we just ripped off the old ones for now.
    As far as the level of detail is concerned, we plan to turn the vault into a place where a 1000 people lived for decades. There will be lots of additions, structural changes and shit lying around.

    I'll try to have another update out in the middle of April or there about. By that time we should have lots more done.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by mate. Check back again soon.

    Project Lead

  3. This is going to be EPIC. Keep it up guys! :)