28 February 2010

Got Textures?

We do now! :)

Okey not ALL the textures are there, but it's a start. Ain decided it was time to bring life and color into our vault. Personally I'm stunned. This is considering that the guy's got the flu, fell in love with a girl of his dreams, and to top it all off his neighbor's bloody dog hasn't stopped barking since last Thursday.

I'm stunned that he hasn't killed anyone yet :) .

To be honest these past few weeks were a bit weird but we did manage to make some decent progress on the game. So, we finally got animations and skinned models in. Here are a few shots for your viewing pleasure:

Models got a long way to go but are still fun to watch. Especially the chatty couple.

We also got a working weapon prototype that shoots projectiles at incredible speeds and ejects brass casings in a realistic, physically aesthetic and randomized fashion. I feel it is also important to mention that said casings bounce of the floor panels and whatnot. Physics is fun!

*** IMPORTANT : Featured Vault Suit texture is WIP!!! ***
(this was the best I could come up with at this point, a last ditch effort to save face :) )

We also got a whole bunch of sound libraries from the good folks over at www.shockwave-sound.com. Awesome stuff they got there. For now we loaded up on computer and machinery sounds, gunfire and foley, and various household sounds like fans, steam, shit falling down etc. etc. etc.

But wait there is more! We also got ourselves awesome mocaps (motion capture data files...I think that's what they call them :)) from these guys over here http://www.axyz-design.com. Again great stuff and not that expensive. So, our would be Vault Dwellers now feel very animated. Well everyone except for that bored looking dude sitting at the table.

To sum up: game development is fun!

Well that's all for today. I'll try to post some more stuff soon guys, hopefully somewhere around 15th March or something.

 We will see you all again in a few weeks.
The Muties


  1. Looks nice! Glad to see this project is still rolling.

    I'm not sure about the walls material. It looks like a cross between concrete and metal when it should be one or the other. While the originals had a concrete look, I think it should be metal. Or maybe concrete with metal plating? Anyways, just my 2 cents.

  2. Hey Toast,

    Fair point. It's a bit of a dilemma really.

    We are still working on the overall look and feel of the vault. It's hard to say what the final version will look like, but we will definitely need to rework the color palette and decide on a shader.

    I guess we will need to have a few more iterations with textures and lighting before we can finalize the look of the whole tileset.

    As far as the actual wall material is concerned, Ain thinks it should be metal as well, whereas I'm still undecided.
    Whatever the case, I think once we select the right color palette and shader the tileset will look much much better.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion mate.

    Next week we should have some more goodies to share, so stay tunned.

    Project Lead