05 February 2010

...and then there was Boom!

Hey Guys,

I had so much fun bouncing poor Chester around the test level today that I decided to share it with you all. It ain't much but still kinda cool.

I finally finished my first rigged biped. It took me all day but it was worth it :)
I also hooked up a physics Explosion Force procedure to generate...well...explosions when you click on any part on a floor tile. A bit of a time waster but still learned a few interesting quirks. Anyway here are the pics:

This is all part of a bigger module really. We are currently writing scripts to handle projectile hits for various physicalized objects.
I hope that by Monday we will have a working version of a projectile emitter together with a rigid version of the dummy that will get ragdollized when a projectile hits it.

I know it's all a bit sudden, but as soon as I get a bit of free time on my hands I promise to explain everything.

Stay tunned for more.
Mutant in Charge

PS: Just in case you are wondering who the hell Chester is, it's the blue ragdoll dummy assuming various kamasutra posses in the pics.

Oh, and the other dummy is Rigid Bridget the Frigid, Chester's girlfriend, she is a bit shy so no posing from her today.


  1. You guys should probably advertise this site a little more. I have been going back to the older crymod forums and not seeing any visible updates. So I thought the project was dead.


    Anyone who was following you guys on that page probably thinks the project is dead too.

    At least leave posts of your continued efforts on this site. A link with a message specifically letting people know where to go and why.

    Not many Fallout 1 freaks like me will actually go snooping around. Just a thought... friendly advice...

    What you guys have going on is very good. It deserves to be seen. So keep up the good work, go through all you're old posts and leave messages pointing back to this page!

    Perhaps try to get a free news link on NMA? Who knows? It could be worth a try...

  2. Hey Alberto,

    As weird as it may sound we actually prefer it this way...for now. This project is slowly getting into high gear.

    But, to be honest we don't want it to get branded vaporware or lost cause or something so we are keeping it a bit private.

    Thanks for the NMA tip, we will give it a try.

    There is some cool stuff that is being tested right now, so perhaps when it's ready as a playable demo we will give it a decent 'promotional' boost :)

    Thanks for your support mate.

    The Muties

  3. how many people do you have in the team?

    And about promotion, there's a huge amount of people longing for a non-fps fallout game.
    they deserve to know that project like this exists ;)

  4. I see.

    Well then I should get to work on the next update then :) .
    I'll try to get it done today.

    People wise we got:

    1 - coder (1 more is being lazy isn't participating at this time)

    2 - 3D designers (1 more is undecided at this time)

    1 - Artist

    1 - Writer

    That's about it for now.