15 September 2009

Vault Blast Door Model

This is a long overdue update,

Our talented and absolutely irreplaceable 3D modeler and Co-Leader Ain Mosni has emerged from the Vault to share his latest creation with the rest of us mutants. Here is a preview of the finished model. All that's left to do now is to make the asset and it's ready to go.

(also available in HQ!)


  1. Hi ! It's a really good job you done here !
    So I think you understand its operation ! That's why I ask you : If you can explain me how it's work please. I know at the end it's a rack and pinion movement, but before, i can't see how the hyrdaulic arm can pull it...

    If you wan't my email, ask me.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hey Treatstone,

    My apologies for the late reply. Basically the way we figure is that the rollers located at the tip of each gear tooth 'roll' it out or in as needed.

    Never liked how they did the door in FO3 and besides in the original Fallout cinematics there were no visible hydraulic arms etc. other than the one which would roll the door to the side.

    I hope that answers your question.

    Project Lead

  3. Hi !

    OK, I better understand now ^^ Thanks for your reply !
    And another, just for me : Which program si used to make the 3D and the animation ?
    3DS ? C4D ?

    Thanks and cya

  4. The whole thing was done by Ain in Max.

    Project Lead

  5. Vault doors appear in several missions in City of Villains. Generally there is loot on the other side of the vault door. To get to the loot, the vault door must first be destroyed.